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Nickel-free / Titanium Braces

Nickel-free / Titanium BracesHere at Sarya Orthodontics, we specialize in helping you get the perfect set of braces. Many people are allergic to nickel and need to have a titanium option. We help those people receive titanium braces instead so that they can have a perfect smile.

Many people prefer not to have nickel in their braces. Nickel can enter the body (in this case through the mouth) and create side effects if you are allergic. Many others have read studies of other symptoms nickel can cause in the body, and they just don’t want it in their body.

The amount of nickel in braces is 8%; however, that is only if they are stainless steel. Traditional braces actually have more than 50%. This is very important to know for those people who do experience an allergic reaction when being exposed to nickel. Nickel-sensitivity is actually higher in females than in males. This is thought to be because females have more exposure to it from their jewelry.

Some of the symptoms of nickel allergies are itching around the mouth, rash, skin discoloration, dry skin, and blistering.

If you have any questions about nickel allergies, nickel in your braces, or the alternative option of titanium braces, contact us today at (231) 947-7250.

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